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CITIZEN CARE INDUSTRIES PVT LTD AN ISO CERTIFIED Group of Companies has successfully established itself as a dignified industry leader in all market segments now company fastest growing in Product selling & promotional plan business in India.


CITIZEN CARE INDUSTRIES PVT LTD is has spread wings in highly competitive sectors like Medicines,Retail Bazaar, Restaurant (Food World), Film production , Real Estate, Corporative Society, Telecom Innovations & VAS Industry, Mobile Radiation, Communication, Garments, TOUR & TRAVEL Booking, MONEY TRANSFER, INSURANCE Services, UTILITY BILL Payment, Ecommerce Product, Legal Helpline Service, Herbal product and education Zone... etc.

Now Company focused in Product selling & promotional plan business via Citizen Care Group is a complete result driven platform design to help you leverage your time and resources online. has uniquely combined the wealth-creating powers through multi product range of the most dynamic economic drivers in today's world. has not only brought together many products of industries, it has created a health & wealth generation platform that opens the doors to an exceptional wealth creating opportunity for Corporate and Individuals alike.

Our prime focus is to create excellent returns on promoting direct product selling & promotion and there by create a network platform where the common man benefits through a regular growth in savings and financial well being. offers direct product selling & promotion in the Group through its Mouth & website which is open to both Individuals and Corporations to purchase.

Sales revenue is one of the most effortless ways to earn money from your site. Sell life changing products and get paid life changing commissions. Because your future has everything to do with what you are willing to commit to right now. It has everything to do with not settling for less anymore, and beginning to believe you are worth it.

Citizen Care Group is India's one of the top direct Product selling & promotional plan. offers its services through a Business to customer network so that all consumers can take advantage of the services offered. It gives ample scope of growth for Company Business Member to success in life. It is like an umbrella business model offering comprehensive and unique range of services like GARMENTS PRODUCT HERBAL PRODUCT,GARMENTS, HOME APPLINCES, ELECTRONICS PRODUCT ,FOOD PRODUCT etc...


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Developed through global consensus, they help to break down barriers to international trade.


Unlike many service providers who are rigid, inflexible, and unhelpful and believe in instant gain, leaving their customers in the dark, we are different. We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients.

We are the only e-services Company in India who are providing all Telecom Value Added Service under One Roof. We expertise guarantees quality, competent and rapid execution of any projects - from small websites to complex custom solutions.

"We are passion to invent innovations and love to work with most complex solutions."


At CITIZEN CARE INDUSTRIES PVT LTD we are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring Quality, Cost Effective & Innovative Service It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence.


Even our domain is a price driven market still we never comprise on Quality.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." Quality is an all encompassing part of our business and lives. Strong quality processes are built into every area of work. Quality by all means can be described as the tool that ensures complete customer satisfaction and in turn the only way to measure customer satisfaction is quality.


We dream beyond sky limit and our effort is to never say "No' to our customers who are demanding complex solutions. Many unique innovative business ideas are in our mind and trying to transforming those into successful business ventures.


Our mission is to accomplish loyalty and appreciation of State Master Franchisee/District Level Franchisee/Dealer/Retail Outlet. We further intend to develop a business friendly environment with our State Master Franchisee/District Level Franchisee/Dealer/Retail Outlet which will help them to increase their earning potential.


Our Vision is to segregate all consumer centric services under one roof. In coming years Citizen Care Group would like to be the leading market player in B2B and B2C domain.

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