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Term & Condition

1. He- Shall mean and include male, Each Premium Customer has an obligation to become familiar with the company policy.

2. If Premium Customer ID is Red an Premium Customer does not active own business account within 45 days from issued ID date then Premium Customer business ID will be terminate without any notice and information.

3. Each Premium Customer must understand, follow & implement the all instruction and teach the same to their all team members.

4. CCI DSPP DOES not give rights / sole selling agency to any individual/concern/organization of a particular area/territory/city.

5. CCI DSPP makes No-Medical claims on their Products. We are NOT DOCTORS & our products are NOT MEDICINES.

6. CCI DSPP products are NOT to be sold loose/ repacked etc. except for the official packing.

7. CCI DSPP has NO- joining fee, NO-Annual fee NO Renewal fee (Ref. Page 2 of FAF prospectus).

8. Independent distributor undertakes (to adhere to policies, Procedures, rules ®ulations formed by the company.

9. No territorial restriction to market the products, but limited to India.

10. CCI DSPP DOES NOT claim / guarantee that a Premium Customer will achieve financial success without Working or by relying solely on the efforts of Others. Compensation in CCI is based only Independent contractor whose success / failure Depend on his /her personal efforts.

11. CCI DSPP DOES NOT ask /compel you to purchase products in more quantities than your immediate requirements either for sales or consumption.

12. For quick reference each application form also comes with an “ Abridge Version” of the company policy.

13. No investments or bulk purchases is allowed in CCI DSPP. If you come across any individual offering investments scheme , please notify the company for immediate action.

14. If the company refunds the premiums to the Premium Customer on any policy and/or cancel the policy for any reason whatsoever the Premium Customer shall repay to the company the amount of commission paid on that Policy.

15. The company does appoint premium customer across the country for marketing and sale of products. Such distributorship is granted as privilege to the consumer of its products. Interested individuals/body corporate needs to purchase the products upon they being satisfied with the quality and services they can became a premium customer of the company, if they wish to by applying for the same in the prescribed form.

16. Premium Customer – Premium customer is the person who is competent to enter into contract as per the Indian contracts act provided; such interested person has purchased products from the company and opted to participate in business opportunity.

17. Female who applies for the distributorship of the company product-shall mean and include all the products marketed by the company from time to time.

18. MRP-Means and includes Maximum Retail Price printed over the price tag appended to the products.

19. Business ID- Means Business id identification number issued by the company to the consumer/independent premium customer and is issued to independent premium customer as a token of acceptance of his application seeking for premium customer for the Products of the company.

20. Password-Password means, unique code allotted to each of the consumer/independent premium customer to allow them to log on to the website of the company.

21. Website means website of the company

22. The company upon scrutiny and verification of the application may consider the applicant as an “independent Distributor “for the products marketed by the company.

23. No territorial restriction to market the products, but limited to India.

24. Distributor ship the products can be ordered online through our website and the payment in the form of demand draft favoring Citizen Care industries , Payable at Gurgaon, has to be sent/submitted at our authorized outlets, against which the product's ordered will be delivered to the purchaser authorized person . if the payment has been done through credit card/ debit card using payment gateway process or through terminal swiping g machine, the same or the front side photo copy of the same has to be presented with id proof at the time of product delivery, by the purchaser either while collection the product from the delivery outlet of while product getting delivered at the purchaser's delivery address. The product can also be purchased through E-Wallet.

25. All consumer/Independent distributors before ordering online or making the payment are advised to physically look and feel the product that are available for demo/display at our locations, as such the images shown in the company's website/ Printed materials or through, any other mode by the company is only for reference and the actual product my very.

26. A consumer who has purchased the products from Citizen Care Group can choose to join the business opportunity free of cost, which he can do so by confirming from his business beyond that he / she needs to contact the company's customer care department with all his / her purchase information to reactivate his Retail Outlet, so as to understand whether the consumer has got the required information about the company, before entering in to a Business opportunity).

27. Independent distributor undertakes (to adhere to policies, Procedures, rules ®ulations formed by the company.

28. The company reserves its right to modify the terms and condition, products, plan business and policies with / without giving prior notice. Such notice may be published through the official website of the company, and such modification/ amendment shall be applicable and binding upon the distributor fro

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